Managed Unified Communications Services

Insight Operations is focused on helping companies achieve and maintain their Unified Communications solutions at the best state possible. Knowing the performance of the solution, planning for changes by performing assessments and planning for growth are some of the basics that Insight Operations can help with.

Insight Operations has partnered with best of breed UC solution management companies to provide our clients with a complete UC strategy which covers inception to operational state.

We have expertise around deploying and managing UC solutions from Avaya, Cisco and MS Skype for Business.

Pre-Deployment –

In the pre-deployment phase, Insight Operations can help with comprehensive voice network assessments. We perform this assessment by generating synthetic traffic in the same codec as the proposed new UC Solution. Our testing equipment will also monitor the key network interfaces during this time, to ensure a comprehensive all-encompassing report can be deliver at the end of the assessment.

Once all the data is collected from the network assessment, a baseline comparison of key UC metrics such as MOS, Jitter, drop packets, is matched to industry standard thresholds to analyze and propose changes. This also includes comparing performance of the key network infrastructure device interfaces.


Post-Deployment –

In the Post-deployment phase, Insight Operations can provide a comprehensive tiered monitoring solution around the UC environment. The tiered approach consists of

  • Foundation Layer which provided device and call related metrics that are available from the core telephony infrastructure such as the phone switch, edge gateways, database servers, application connectivity systems, call center application, call recording systems, session border controllers, etc.
  • Above the foundation layer of monitoring, is the Diagnostic layer. This layer encompasses monitoring and logging session layer data by capturing the signaling and session header information. This data, correlated with foundation health metrics can accurately pin point the root of an issue or degradation of services, but also can help point to the specific portion of the network or system that could be causing this issue.
  • Above the diagnostic layer, is the End-User Experience layer. This layer of monitoring involves injecting UC traffic (like what was done during UC network readiness assessments) but on a pre-defined interval to measure the network health as it pertains to voice or video traffic. This can help accurately alert when the quality of customer experience is on a downward trend. This layer of monitoring is comprehensive when combined with the diagnostic and foundation layers. Also, this is vendor agnostic, just like diagnostic layer of monitor, as it does not rely on any specific UC vendor equipment to generate or terminate UC traffic.


Insight Operations will also provide additional layer of historical reporting for trend analysis, capacity and problem management. Service Desk and Portal access for customers is available real-time. At the same time, Insight Operations can perform e-bonding and letter of agency to the vendor or company of choice to which the client would like to engage for Tier1 through Development support.

Insight Operations can help you get your IoT applications designed and configured in the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Elasticloud Environment.

UC management services - from assessment to MSP NOC development support.

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