Managed IoT Services

Internet of Things (IoT) is influencing business enterprises and customers in a big way. Today, almost every business and enterprise application is connected to a type of network and a smart devise, which makes them accessible from anywhere and anytime in the world. IoT allows business enterprises identify new opportunities, improve their revenues, interact with their customers efficiently, and create a differentiation in the domain they operate. IoT helps businesses take advantage of the eclectic combination of machine generated data with human interactions and make informed decisions.
Smart devices have traditionally existed in industry settings (e.g. oil fields). However, the data produced was not fully consumed, analyzed and used for prediction and optimization. Advancement of big data technology now enables ‘at edge’ analytics, which in turn lets us unlock the economic value that the data holds.
Trends like Industry 4.0, offer complete solution not just product, product/solution as service are forcing manufacturing companies to adopt IoT faster. While technology is enabling each “thing” to be smarter, there is also going to be evolution of “connected services” which will create value from interconnected devices.
Insight Operations leverages its deep technology expertise, rich domain-experiences, implementation knowledge of IP solutions, and a robust and effective platform based delivery mechanism, to propel its client’s businesses to new heights.

Through our innovative solutions, we allow our clients to:
Achieve efficient Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication to boost up the productivity and hence the profitability
Integrate technologies such as embedded systems, software, nano-electronics, and cloud computing to their existing IT infrastructure to transform their business landscape.

Insight Operations can help you get your IoT applications designed and configured in the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Elasticloud Environment.

MQTT, AMQP, Zigbee, etc.. push this data into standard operations.

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